Wednesday, August 31, 2011

‎" The realization of Universal Unity results in a harmonious rapport being established between the individual and the universal. A sense of belonging, a sense of affinity among all in the Universe wells up in the self-realized soul, making for peace, happiness , bliss and beatitude. Universal Love acquires a practical significance for one who has realized the Spiritual Unity of the Universe. "
Ganesh Baba
As the seed is in the plant, as the shade is in the tree, as the void is in the sky, as infinite forms are in the void-
So from beyond the Infinite, the Infinite comes; and from the Infinite the finite extends.

The Supreme Soul is seen within the soul,
The Point is seen within the Supreme Soul,
And within the Point, the reflection is seen again.

- Kabir
‎" Pronov is the tonal notation denoting the primal vibration of the initial polarization of the pre-creative Unitary integral field and it's subsequent diversification or differentiation into the present state of the manifold Cosmos in which we are uniquely involved as creatures and occupiers. "
Ganesh Baba

Sunday, August 14, 2011

There is a sun-star rising outside the reality of form.
I am lost in that other beauty.

The body is a boat ,
and I am waves swaying against it.

Whenever it anchors somewhere,
I pull it loose, or smash it to pieces.

If I get lazy and cold,
flames come from my ocean and surround me.
I laugh inside them like gold purifying myself.

- Rumi

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You have woken up late, lost and perplexed but
don't rush to your books looking for knowledge.
Pick up a flute instead and let your heart play.

- Rumi