Friday, January 18, 2013

Compassion is the keen awareness of the interdependence of all things. - Thomas Merton

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Ocean does not forget that there is a wave, but the wave forgets that it is an Ocean. This is "why" there is manifestation; for the sake of play this forgetfulness arises. Manifestation is just a Cosmic Drama to be enjoyed. There is only play and it is not existent, and continues because whatever you think so it becomes. This manifestation was created by you and it will be destroyed by you. The first thought is "I". Then arises "my" which is ego, and then comes all manifestation. Time, mind, manifestation is projected out of "I" which is itself the projection required to manifest the play. Undress yourself of these things and find where "I" rises from. - Papaji

I can be neither lost nor found, for I am the absolute unchanging Awareness. I grant myself the joy of self-discovery through my instrument and servant, the body-mind. There is no "other" than my own self to find me. I am the all-encompassing Reality. - Mooji

Abide as That in which there is no beginning or end, no top or bottom or middle, no holy place or god, no gifts or pious acts, no time or space, no objects of perception - and be always happy, free from all traces of thought. Abide as That in which there is no debate, no success or failure, no word or its meaning, no speech, no difference between the soul and the Supreme Being, none of the manifold causes and consequences - and be always happy, without the least trace of thought. ~ Ribhu Gita (Ch.26, verses 14-15)