Friday, January 25, 2008

Why I believe Barack Obama should be the 44th President of the United States

he is the one candidate whose intelligence, honesty, speaking ability, manner, background, even perhaps whose soul can speak to this world. alter the consensus reality and bring a more optimistic tone to our human race.

we need a serious reform on this planet.. technology and globalization are accelerating the change of environment we as humans are finding ourselves in. increasingly we are one tribe. one family. as it should be.

Barack Obama can inspire people to believe that based on merit the best individual is asked by the people to lead them. ( not because he married someone )He can be a positive representation of a democracy. Of our country. Imagine the difference between Hillary Clinton meeting Vladamir Putin and Barack Obama meeting Vladamir Putin. Even more stark is the contrast when considering the view the muslim world would view take of any of the major candidates. I don't think the extremist elements could so easily demonize an America with man of Obama communicative skills, integrity and strength of vision. We as an American People need a voice. For seven years we have suffered through a deaf, dumb and mute idiot. For the sake of all we hold dear, literally, let us all go out and willfully vote and elect Obama as that voice. For a better future.

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