Monday, February 22, 2010

"Who can imagine or describe the glories and beauties of the Unseen? Living in a world of gross material forms, we know nothing about the ethereal forms of Life which inhabit the immensity of space; we are prone to imagine that we know all that exists, but our reflection tells us that the infinite realm of the Unknown is as much greater than the realm of that which is known as the ocean is greater than a pebble lying upon its shore. Nature is one great living whole, and the spiritual power acting within her is omnipotent and eternal. He who desires to know Universal Nature and the Eternal Spirit, must rise above personal and temporal considerations, and look upon nature from the standpoint of the Eternal and Infinite. He must, so to say, step out of the shell of his limited and circumscribed personal consciousness, and rise up to the top of the mountain, from which he may enjoy a view of the wide expanse of the All. He who lives at the periphery sees only a part of the All; only from the centre of the circle can we survey the actions of light in all its directions as the beams radiate from the centre. Therefore, the Rosicrucians say that he who knows the One knows All, while he who believes to know many things, knows only the illusions of the shadow produced by the light of the One."
- Franz Hartmann, Cosmology

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