Tuesday, October 11, 2011

quite glad finally there is a revolutionary spirit in the US rebelling against the corrupt unethical financial institutions and the government , I wish I was there to participate and if any one is worried about it not getting enough media attention, maybe there should be more, but the international news is all over it.. what is disappointing is the extent to which it has taken a selfish tone, people are rightfully complaining about how the economic situation is affecting their lives, in my opinion though the greatest evil is the wars... iraq, afghanistan, the drug war, even US funding of the pakistan military, the egyptian military, all military funding must end.. please stop using my tax dollars to kill people. nature works through sympathy not force. it is obviously not completely disconnected , but for 10 years we've been killing people, there was no popular uprising against it.. what change did Obama think people were voting for? the public seemed not to care too care too much until it hit their pockets.. after 2007 the stock crash etc.. there is a lot more poverty in the word then our richest US economy experiences.. I fully support occupy wall st , la, sesame st etc.. but I wish the anti-war movement would supersede those complaints.. hopefully it will rise up as a part of that movement.. it is all connected . obviously we'd save a bunch of money, maybe it'd help fix the economy to end the wars, every empire ends when it over extends itself militarily, rome , alexander the great, america is next, but the focus of the outrage should be not primarily monetary in a world where we cause so much suffering and death .. so please keep protesting people but let's also please focus more on an anti-war movement also.. let's stop funding murder

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